Dipylon Medical Sell Clinical Microbiology Equipment from PCR Thermocyclers, DNA & RNA Purification, and Hematology Analyzer.

With COVID-19, there has been an increased demand for PCR testing solutions and tools, with the need for the best PCR Cyclers at an all-time high. 

At Dipylon Medical, we pride ourselves in being the leading Distributor of Clinical Equipment for Laboratory Testing that is also involved in the marketing of the elimination and detection kits needed for microbial contamination control and other specific tests.


If you are looking for a company that offers the best of and the widest portfolio of Thermal cyclers and PCR machines like the QPCR Applied Biosystems, the Eppendorf thermal cycler, the bio-rad thermal cycler, among other types of thermal cyclers, we will get the work done by offering the best of international sales operations thanks to our global network of biotechnological distributors and also commercial service providers.

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Who are Dipylon Medical

We have been audited by the top-tier pharmaceutical companies plus manufacturers, and we’ve been able to offer the best products and services on the market for decades now. 

Established in 2001, Dipylon Medical is your one-stop-shop for Clinical Microbiology Equipment for Routine Laboratory Testing. We supply our consumers with service. Highly skilled and factory-trained field service personnel perform the installation, repair service, and training solutions.Dipylon Medical is committed and professionals to providing high-quality PCR Thermocyclers, DNA & RNA Purification, and Hematology Analyzer. We have an Expert Team has been working with Agilent, and Thermo instruments. Dipylon Medical’s commitment includes continuous support from customers through highly trained personnel staff.

Dipylon Medical Mission

We pride ourselves on our growing portfolio of Thermal cyclers or PCR machines.

Our services do not end with the provision of laboratory equipment but are extended to offer high-quality PCR Thermocyclers, DNA & RNA Purification, and Hematology Analyzer around the globe. Our mission is to ensure that our clients are provided with meet the throughput standards that your laboratory needs. We also guarantee to deliver PCR machines that are versatile and have blocks that can hold a more significant number of samples.