RT PCR Machine For Laboratory Testing

RT PCR Machine

With COVID-19 Vaccination certificates now becoming a necessary travel document for most countries and establishments, it means that the demand for Real-Time testing for COVID-19 is at an all-time high, especially among travelers and the rest of the population for persons that present with COVID-19-like symptoms. Laboratories worldwide are getting equipped with the best test […]

Hematology Analyzer: A Guide To Conduct Blood Sample Tests

Hematology Analyzer

Hematology analyzer At a high rate of speed, they can be used to count and identify blood cells. Hematology analyzers are used all over the place to measure and characterize blood cells so that diseases can be found and kept track of. It’s usually the first thing doctors ask for when they want to see […]

RNA DNA Purification: What’s The Difference?

RNA DNA Purification

RNA DNA Purification is an essential component of cells. Cells require enzymes to produce both these molecules. They also need them for other cell functions, such as building proteins and regulating gene expression. However, these bimolecular can be very difficult to study experimentally due to crucial cell roles, mainly when purified from living organisms. There […]

Best RNA Extraction Machine in SARS CoV 2 Testing

RNA Extraction Machine

Is your lab or medical testing facility equipped with the best RNA extraction machine for fast testing and to ensure accurate results all around? We hope that answered yes to the question above, and if you are not using the best RNA extraction machines to test for COVID-19, read this guide. In as much as […]

How Hematology Analyzer Machine Identifying COVID-19 Patients?

Hematology Analyzer Machine

If you run a laboratory and want to make sure that your operations are efficient and the results often accurate, you’d want to invest in the best kinds of equipment. And one such device would be the hematology analyzer machine. This is a crucial piece of equipment, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic when tests need […]

PCR Thermal Cyclers: How is the COVID-19 Virus Detected?

PCR Thermal Cyclers

The number of confirmed global deaths due to COVID-19 is almost 4.2 million, as of July 2021 report on Statista. By comparison, the last Great Plague of 1665 killed a million people. This number of fatalities due to the novel coronavirus is a staggering figure, especially considering that we are in an age of revolutionary medical […]